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Give your kids the real feel of learning with the amazing visual representations in “ABCD” app .


In a world,where finding something new is people’s passion.


Compass app. So that you’re always find the right direction.


An efficient app to calculate loan EMI .

Contact Backup

Do you often lose all your important contacts when you change your smartphones


Don’t let frequent conversions and calculations bother you. Imagine the annoyance of currency conversions before every payment whenever you travel abroad.

Indian Street Food

The word cuisine is thrown so much around the circles.


Mexican food is something you can you enjoy in the streets or in an elegant restaurant.


“Numbers constitute the only universal language.”

Organic farming

“When you are counting your blessings, do count your farmers too.”

Perfect Nutrition

“The food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or it can even be the slowest form of POISON”.

Remind Me

Do you often forget things that you have planned for the day or do you often face problems in remembering the important events


Do you want your kid to learn the shapes in the most interesting way with the best 3D view to enhance your child’s learning skills?


The much talked about Simhastha Kumbh Mela to be held in Ujjain is around the corner and unfortunately most of us are not aware what the hype is all about?

Solar Energy

“When there is a huge energy spill, it is often called a nice day”.

Tic tac Toe

It’s anytime, anywhere and now paperless as it is on your smart phone. Your favourite game Tic Tac Toe is back!

10 for ABS

This year belongs to that chiseled body and those defined abs, fit is the new slim and as we are habitual to doing everything with the help of technology, here is an app dedicated to assisting you in getting those perfect cuts.

Brilliant Football Club

If football is your first love, then FC Brilliant is the place to be! Join a team of passionate footballers who are blessed with incredible agility, majestic foot skills and have undying love for football.


“There is a time for everything, this time is for properly edited pictures over social media sites . Looking perfect is commonplace and even perfect has splendid variety now, you have enough choices to confuse anyone”.

Age Calculate

Calculating age has often been a dilemma for a lot of people. We often tend to make errors in calculating our age and so we have come up with a solution to this with the “Age Calculator"


“Golite” has created an extensive checklist which is based on a careful selection of items in accordance with where you are going, why and with whom.

G.K Tutor

Your child’s daily dose of General knowledge loaded on their phones. Download the app now to start preparing for a brighter future.

Plant's Tutor

Instead of trying to remember all those, just remember to download our app, an illustrative handbook describing different types of plants with pictures.

Animal & Sound

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child, there are seven million. There is no guessing what might attract a child’s attention but rest assured, they have and always will be fascinated by pictures and sounds.

Gcc National

Get to know the dynamic member states which are among the fastest growing and powerful economies of the world. App is a platform for every bit of information you seek about GCC like its foundation, secretaries-generals etc.

Fruits & Veggies

Well, mama told us to be a good person and a good person always finishes their vegetables and fruits but is it really that simple now?

Body Parts Tutor

‘Body Parts’ is an app which aids your child’s education about the human anatomy and the senses with the help of quizzes and puzzles. What can be a more relaxed way to learn a diagram, if not by completing a puzzle of its picture? Download the app now and let the fun begin.

Employee Database Management

This employee database management app is the heart of the admin department of a particular company with comprehensive employee database forms The app acts as central employee database increasing data efficiency reducing data duplication.

Flash Light

This simple app is going to be your best friend during power outage, hiking trips, night treks, inside car, construction sites, auto repair and forest or whenever you walk in darkness.


Converter app to set you free from the worries of unit conversion.It’s handy and is really easy to operate. Works well for both layman and professionals.